Our homestay hosts have a very adorable Belgian Shepherd.

Lac Village near Mai Châu

Farmers here use these cool two wheel tractors on the rice paddies.

Restaurants empty in Hanoi's old quarter after a huge downpour.

Trang An

Bai Dinh

Storm rolling in at sunset, Hang Múa.

Riding bikes around limestone mountains near Hoa Lu.

Kayaking at Ha Long Bay near the "dark and light" caves.

Local fishing village Làng Chài where people live and work out on the water.

Giant butterflies fighting mid air

View from the hilltop fort.

People watching in Cát Bà with the best Vietnamese coffee of my life at a little place called Nam Phuong.

It was great to see so many families out and about on tandem bikes having a blast together. Very wholesome!

Arrived in Hanoi! Heading out to explore... 😊

We're at a Cát Bà beach outside the Flamingo hotel. It's school holidays here at the moment and the beach is packed with local families having the absolute best time.

Absolutely slammed~!

Little India, Singapore.

Exploring Katong.

Trying to keep cool at Orchard Rd.

Dramatic clouds on arrival into Singapore to visit family.

Super blood moon 🌌

Testing out my new camera, a Fujifilm GS645S! It's my first go at shooting a fully manual mechanical medium format rangefinder.

Last twilight race of the summer sailing season at RMYS.

Woke up at 3am to catch the southern aurora australis.

This was the darkest and clearest sky I've ever experienced. A fellow traveller tipped me off about the predicted level 5 aurora activity expected—I didn't know but 5 is high!

I kind of fluked this shot—I've never tried astrophotography before. I pointed my camera south for 30s into what seemed like the darkest part of the sky, which in person doesn't look like much because the milky way is the most obvious and dramatic.

The photo's not the best and a bit shaky but I'm just so thrilled I got anything at all.

Tassie Central Plateau near Lake Carter.

My mate Andrew tipped me off about Pine Lake, which is surrounded by these rare and ancient pencil pines.

They live up to ~1200 years old but only grow about 1cm a year so they're really twisty and gnarled like a bonsai.

The light and mist up in the central plateau made it tough to get a good photo, but they're incredible in person I couldn't stop looking at them.

Driving into Devonport to go home, we decided to head up to the beach looking out to Bass Straight for sunset and watched the Spirit roll in.

Horseshoe falls, Mt Field National Park.


I think this is a brown-falcon…? Surprisingly boring name for a such a cool looking bird!

We spotted it on our way to try some gin at Lawrenny.

Thousand Lakes Lodge.

We stayed here in the Tassie central plateau just for one night, but I was so blown away I'll definitely be back next time I'm in Tas.

It's difficult to capture the feeling of this place in a photo.

So many things that are hard to describe… wading through dense scrub with no marked trails; the way the bright green spongy mossy ground feels under your feet. If you stand still—other than the wind, it's very quiet. I think I thought there'd be more bird life up in the alps…?

Apparently they built this place back in 1980 to help train Antarctic explorers, they've since revamped it up into something more comfortable for guests after it fell into disrepair in the 90s.

It's all off-grid with solar and backup diesel generator—it's right in the middle of a world heritage site and not near any towns—so there's no wifi and mobile reception is spotty at best.

The Huon River at sunrise.

Wineglass Bay.

Bicheno Blowhole.

I think you call this bird a pied oystercatcher?

We watched this fella walk the water's edge just calmly and methodically probing the shore for food. Meanwhile we had a picnic while watching a weirdly dramatic purple sunset—see below!

Having a quick coffee in Longford.

This is in front of a place with "THE BIG STORE" in big letters on the front and—with a bright blue Bushell's logo across the street.

I love that every little town in Tassie has a post office.

Check out the pale blue roof on this cutie in Fingal!

Exploring near our campsite at Cosy Corner along the north east coast near the Bay of Fires.

Getting ready for our trip to Tassie—so excited!

Sydney Harbour from North Head.

El Malecón.

Havana locals call the sea wall that surrounds the coastline “the big sofa” because at night everyone comes out to sit on it and socialise.

It was a bit too wet to sit—but pretty cool to see waves pounding against it at sunset.