Christmas confession

So… confession time. I've been listening to Mariah Carey a whole bunch lately.

It started out innocently. Mostly just listening ironically because it's Christmas, but then I ended up digging through her back catalog on a marathon drive to my parent's farm.. and well.. I underestimated things and.. I think I'm a huge fan now..? 🤔

Growing up I always made fun of pop music and never took it seriously because it wasn't cool somehow. I never gave it a proper chance, oops.

Obvs her '90s stuff is iconic and she's an incredible performer, but I was also surprised at how good her most recent 2018 album Caution is. This album introduces a darker and more modern electronic pop aesthetic that I'm really very into.

The song 8th Grade is my pick of the album.

Limitless, without no rules
Nothin' to lose
Never no pressure
Just put yourself into my shoes

So now, when you're ready, let's head on back to compare (and relive your best '90s life) with her 1995 smash hit Fantasy:

Ok, I'm really glad we had this chat. I'm feeling much better already.

Happy holidays and MC to you all. 😊

Mariah Carey appearing in music video for Fantasy